Home and business owners must address all of their electrical concerns, no matter how small or harmless they appear. Seemingly benign electrical issues are often symptoms of much more significant and dangerous problems. When seeking an electrician, it is crucial to select a qualified professional with extensive experience in the field to ensure the highest quality services available. Butch B Electric is a locally-owned business that delivers superior electrical solutions to Rialto and its surrounding areas. We employ highly proficient and knowledgeable specialists and guarantee that they are fully licensed as well as insured. Our team can determine the cause of your electrical issues and offer an array of cost-effective options to fulfill your needs. Butch B Electric provides the following general electric services:

  • Electric panel installation and repairs
  • Electrical repair
  • Electrical design
  • Electrical switch and outlet wiring
  • Electrical service upgrades
  • Exterior lighting
  • General electrician services
  • Lighting repair
  • Recessed lighting
  • Ceiling fan installation

Home Electrical Services

Most homeowners in Rialto utilize their home electrical system for their practical and entertainment needs. Our skilled team of electricians can provide the following home services to correct your residential electrical problems:

  • Home electric panels
  • Home electric repair
  • Home electrical wiring
  • Residential electrician services
  • Home exterior lighting
  • Home lighting installation
  • Home remodel lighting

Commercial Electrical Services

All commercial businesses should maintain their electrical setup to ensure optimal safety and functionality. Our knowledgeable team of electricians can provide a wide range of industrial electrical services for businesses in Rialto, such as:

  • Commercial electrical wiring
  • Commercial electrician services
  • Commercial exterior lighting
  • Commercial lighting